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The NES Classic Edition was in stock at Best Buy for just 20 minutes

NES Classic Edition: Best Buy

It’s been months since the NES Classic Edition went on sale, and Nintendo still hasn’t managed to get a consistent supply available for me to spend all of my money on. Target, Amazon and Walmart are all still out of stock, and demand hasn’t sagged one bit.

Best Buy had the NES Classic Edition in stock for online sales as of about 10.30 this morning. But don’t bother booting up your browser right now: it was out of stock within a matter of minutes, far too quick for even the shortest of blog posts.

The point of this isn’t actually to make you jealous for the few hundred people who got their hands on a Best Buy console: it’s to help you get on the next sale. You see, in addition to selling through its official website, Best Buy was also selling consoles through its official eBay store. That gets less traffic and is generally not as well known, so if you set up an alert for the eBay Store, there’s a good chance you’ll get a console next time it’s in stock.

You can use a service like Visualping or others to set up a custom alert for any significant change in Best Buy’s eBay page. The NES Classic Edition was the first thing listed on the page while it was in stock, so a simple alert should do. Then, you’ll want to make sure you have an eBay account set up and ready to go so you can spring on the stock as soon as it’s made available.

If you don’t have any luck with the eBay page, or if you just want to hedge your bets, the NowInStock website has a Target stock checker, and a way to add yourself to a Google Group to be alerted (along with a lot of other people!) whenever the NES Classic Edition is in stock anywhere.