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Watch this poor old iMac get vaporized by a cannon

Updated Dec 23rd, 2016 2:20PM EST

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Apple really loves the iMac. Tim Cook recently sung the iMac’s praises in an internal memo to employees, and singled it out as the product that Apple will continue to use as its flagship desktop. None of that obviously matters to The Slow Mo Guys, however, and they just proved it by absolutely obliterating a classic iMac with a ridiculously powerful “combustion tube.” As is there schtick, the guys filmed the event in super slow motion, and the result is truly something to behold.

The combustion tube, which is effectively a giant flame cannon. Purdue University allowed the guys to use the tool, which is used for various scientific purposes, to destroy a beautiful iMac G5. The cannon, as you might imagine, turns the gorgeous white body of the iMac to, well, pretty much disappear.

The guys filmed at both 1,000 frames per second and 28,500 frames per second in order to document the destruction in as much detail as is humanly possible.

In full speed, the blast that disintegrates the iMac isn’t actually all that impressive. Sure, the body is blown to bits and the various desk accessories that surround it are turned into plastic shrapnel, but it all happens so fast that it’s hard to really appreciate. That, of course, is where the slow motion footage comes in.

At 28,500 fps, you can see that the computer really stood no chance. The plastic casing practically evaporates before the display itself even begins its flight, and once the mangled ball of Apple hardware makes it to the brick wall it becomes little more than a hunk of metal and motherboard. Glorious.