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Logitech’s new MX Master mouse boldly goes where no hand has gone before

Logitech MX Vertical price, release date

Normally, when we’re talking about exciting new boundary-pushing design, it’s in reference to the latest soon-to-be-failed Kickstarter, or something from the bowels of Samsung’s endless R&D labs. The computer mouse hasn’t changed all that much since it was invented in 1964, with niceties like wireless communication and optical sensors — plus endless buttons for the gamers — the only real improvements.

But for Logitech, that boring crap stops here. Throw out the rulebook, folks, because Logitech has decided that it’s time for some changes.

Logitech’s new mouse is called the MX Vertical, and it’s the physical answer to what happens if you lock 14 engineers in a room and tell them they have to make a completely new product before you’ll let them out. It’s a slanted take on Logitech’s popular MX Master mouse, but with the buttons and scroll wheel located on the right-hand side, sloped 57 degrees away from the normal. This, according to Logitech, reduces wrist strain by putting your hand in a more optimal position.

It’s also going to be the only thing that anyone talks about when they walk by your desk for the next eight months.

Of course, a mouse this fancy (and heavy — it’s 135g, significantly more than boring flat mice) doesn’t just have two normal buttons and a scroll wheel. There are two customizable buttons on the mouse’s left-hand side, and a button along the top ridge to mess with sensitivity on the fly.

Connectivity options include wired over USB-C, as well as Bluetooth and Logitech’s proprietary wireless dongle. Battery life is said to be good for up to four months, and that USB-C connection enables quick charging that can give you a few hours of juice with a one-minute charge.

Pre-orders open today (yes — this mouse is so exciting one must pre-order it!) with shipping expected in September. The price, unlike the mouse, is an even $100.

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