LG V30 is official, a Galaxy Note 8 alternative that appeared in a variety of rumors ahead of its IFA reveal. It’s also a beautiful phone that seems to correct everything that’s wrong with the LG G6. And a phone nobody will care about, no matter how great it is right now.

LG missed out on a huge opportunity earlier this year. It launched the first mainstream all-screen device well ahead of Samsung, but the LG G6 had a few disappointing features. The worst thing about it is that, while LG dropped the useless modularity of the LG G5 in favor of a better design and build quality, it still decided to offer different configurations for various markets. Supposed to be a flagship Android handset, the LG G6 would not offer the same high-end features to all users, regardless of their country. There’s also the fact that the G6 doesn’t come with the best mobile chip Qualcomm has to offer.

The V30 seems to correct those problems. On top of that, it ditches the gimmicky secondary display that was a hallmark on the V10 and V30, and it introduces an even better design, complete with curved edges for even more screen.

But while it’s my business to care about all the new gadgets that are released throughout the year, regular consumers will not. And I’m not saying that LG will not sell million of V30 units, especially in some markets. But the Korean giant chose to introduce the flagship Android device we wanted from LG at the worse possible time.

Let’s begin with the name and official introduction. The V family needs to go. What is a V30? It’s certainly a brand that’s not as recognizable as iPhone, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, LG G, Nexus, or Pixel. LG needs a better name for this product, one that will mean something for buyers.

Also, if you want to make a real splash, maybe launching the handset in the middle of the night (US time) isn’t a good idea.

With all that in mind, the V30 has three main problems to worry about. They’re called iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8, and Pixel 2 — ironically, one of the Pixel 2 models will be an LG creation.

These three phones may significantly hinder the V30 sales performance. They’re all coming right now. The Note 8 is already available for preorder, the iPhone 8 launches in less than two weeks, while the next-gen Pixels will arrive in early October.

By the time the V30 reaches the most important mobile markets in the world, all these phones will be available to users. The V30 will launch in South Korea almost a week after the Galaxy Note 8, and likely at the same time with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s — that’s September 21st. Yeah, things won’t go well for LG, financially speaking. The phone doesn’t even have launch dates for America, Europe, or China, or the markets where it could turn a profit on V30 sales.

You can read all about the greatness of this beautiful LG V30 phone in our hands-on preview and then forget all about it as you plan your next smartphone purchase.

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