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A small sampling of the torturous tests people are conducting on the water-resistant iPhone 7

Published Oct 13th, 2016 4:12PM EDT
iPhone 7 Waterproof Test

One of the benefits resulting from Apple’s decision to kiss the 3.5mm headphone jack goodbye is that the iPhone 7 is the most water-resistant iPhone ever produced. While the iPhone 7 still isn’t technically waterproof, it nonetheless sports a water resistance rating of IP67, which means that it can withstand submersion in a meter of water for upwards of 30 minutes.

Impressively, some of the waterproofing tests we’ve seen demonstrate that the iPhone 7 is, in some ways, more water friendly than a device like the Samsung Galaxy S7 which sports an IP68 rating. With the iPhone 7 not prone to malfunctioning in water, a recent thread on Reddit asked users to recount any stories of their iPhones coming into contact with water and emerging unscathed on the other side. Needless to say, some of the examples are colorful, to say the least.

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One Redditor, for example, detailed how he spit a mouthful of beer onto his phone, whereupon he proceeded to simply wash it off under the sink.

While watching a football game this weekend I went to take a sip of my beer. Turns out a bee was sitting on it and I got a mouth full of bee… which I immediately spit out onto the table next to me… that had my iPhone sitting on it.

After the laughter died down everyone was concerned that I’d ruined my phone. I said it would be fine and walked over and rinsed it off under the sink to the amazement of folks that don’t follow technology much.
Super glad about having a beer proof phone.

Meanwhile, other users didn’t hesitate to purposefully put their new iPhone through the ringer just to show it off.

I picked up my 7+ a few days after launch. I promptly brought it to work, gathered my coworkers, placed it in a sink, and then filled that sink with water.

It made safari a bit less snappy but overall the impact has been minimal.

Another user chimes in:

Since the stereo speakers are much louder, I use mine as a shower speaker to listen to music while I showever every morning.

I don’t put it directly int water’s way, but it’s off to the side and gets tons of droplets on the screen.

This guy certainly likes to live on the edge.

First day having phone, launch day. Friend tries to make fun of me for having a non waterproof phone (she has the S7). Promptly proceed to turn to her and pour my entire water bottle all over my phone. She screams in terror while I laugh.

Dried it off, and it’s been working smoothly since.

Can’t wait to take it underwater

And since we can never get enough of Android to iPhone comparisons, we’ll close out with this tale.

Not mine, my girlfriends, but I had the phone in my possession so I suppose it counts.

We want to Six Flags Magic Mountain for fright fest last weekend.

I got to hold both our phones (Her iPhone 7, and my Nexus 6P) and put them both in my pockets. One of the rides they have is called Roaring Rapids. You get on a circular 8 man raft. And the inside of it gets soaked in the ride, and we weren’t smart enough to take our shoes and socks off or leave our phones in the storage lockers they have at the top of the ride.

For whatever reason, every single time we’d hit one of the splash points, it was always me and her who got the bulk of it. By the time we got off, we’re both drenched head to toe and no one else has anything wet besides their shoes and some of their legs.

We check both our phones, hers is perfectly fine. Mine isn’t turning on. So now I’m using my old Galaxy S5 while still deciding if I should go with an iPhone 7, S7 Edge or Pixel.

You sift through a number of other iPhone 7 water tales via the link below.

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