Whatever the reason — either extremely low yields or incredibly high demand — the Jet Black version of Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus has been remarkably hard to find since the device first went on sale last month.

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As to the prolonged shortage that has kept some consumers frustrated, the root cause is likely a combination of the above-two factors. Historically, initial supply is often wanting whenever Apple employs a new manufacturing process. Additionally, there are reports suggesting that Apple simply didn’t anticipate the degree to which customers would opt for the Jet Black model in the larger iPhone 7 Plus form factor. That said, it stands to reason that the advanced camera technology on the larger-screened iPhone model was a bigger selling point than even Apple accounted for.

Now, about 5 weeks since it first went on sale, the Jet Black version of the iPhone 7 Plus is finally available across most Apple retail stores. Per MacRumors, if you head on over to iStockNow’s live device tracker, it’s evident that Apple’s most sought after iPhone model is, at long last, in stock at Apple retail stores across most major U.S. cities.

Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus models are currently in stock at a number of Apple Stores in several states, including major cities such as Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, and San Francisco, at the time of publication. Availability varies based on carrier, color, and storage capacity.

Of particular interest is that the 128GB storage option appears to be in shorter supply than the 256GB model. Over the next few weeks, as we steadily approach the busy holiday shopping season, it stands to reason that Apple will do all it can to ensure that it has sufficient supply of all various iPhone 7 and 7 Plus permutations in order to meet swelling demand.


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