The AirPods are already incredibly popular with consumers, and you may still have a hard time finding them in stores. But they’re far from perfect, and a brand new Kickstarter project wants to fix the worse thing about them.

Because they’re wireless headphones, you need to recharge the AirPods periodically. That means you need to carry the AirPods case with you when you’re out of the house for longer trips and remember to charge one more gadget in your bag.

That’s where this absolutely hideous PodCase iPhone case may come in handy.

We’re looking at a thick case/external battery for the iPhone that also has two special slots for your AirPods. That way, the handset and the AirPods are recharged simultaneously, and you don’t have to worry about their official charging case.

But you do have to worry about the extra bulk of that case. Oh yes, and did I tell you how hideous it is?

That said, this might still prove to be a very useful device, provided it gets funded. The PodCase is available in two sizes, including iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and the team behind it wants to make an iPhone 8 version once Apple unveils the phone.

The iPhone 7 PodCase will get you an extra of 2,500 mAh battery, enough for a full iPhone charge or up to 40 AirPod charges. It comes with an USB-C port that works with your MacBook or MacBook Pro cord, and it costs $79 if you act fast.

The project, backed up by a team who also worked on the Pebble Smartwatch, needs $300,000, and it has a month to raise the money. Should the PodCase reach its funding goal, you should expect deliveries by February next year at the earliest.

Check out the video below for more details about PodCase, and remember that it’s a Kickstarter project, meaning that you may be risking your pledges on a product that may never be shipped.

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