Former How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris is apparently a big fan of Siri. The actor appeared in his second iPhone 6s commercial that focuses on the virtual voice assistant, this time taking the leading role.

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In Thank You Speech, Harris uses Siri to rehearse his speech for an unspecified award. The ad demos a few specific features of Siri, including the “Hey Siri” hands-free activation that’s available on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6. On the iPhone 6s, you can invoke Siri using the voice command as long as the Hey Siri option is enabled. On the iPhone 6, Hey Siri only works if the iPhone is plugged in and charging.

The other Siri feature that’s subtly advertised in the commercial is Siri’s advanced ability to understand natural human speech. Harris asks Siri to read a specific note saved in the Notes app on the iPhone by telling Siri the title of the document.

Coincidentally or not, the ad came out on the same day when an advanced Siri competitor was demoed – the Viv assistant.

The new Apple ad is definitely funny, especially considering that Harris did host a certain show in which various awards are handed out to amazing performers. And while Harris did say he’s not likely to host the Oscars ever again after his 2015 stint, we might see him actually accept one some day. When that day comes, thank you speeches like this one might come in handy. Check it out:

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