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iOS 10.2-friendly glitch wallpapers add crazy effects to your iPhone

Published Dec 14th, 2016 11:19AM EST
iOS 10.2 Update Features

There are millions upon millions upon millions upon millions of iPhones out there and as long as they’re running a relatively recent version of Apple’s iOS platform, they pretty much all look the same. Sure you can jailbreak your iPhone and use some unauthorized third-party tools to change the look of your handset, but who wants to bother with all that? Apple has added tons of new functionality to iOS over the past few years, most recently with its new iOS 10.2 release, so there’s not much incentive to jailbreak these days.

Speaking of iOS 10.2, we have some good news and some bad news for users who like to customize their phones. The bad news is that iOS 10.2 fixes the glitch that made our favorite wallpaper possible — you know, the black one that makes the dock disappear and looks amazing on any black iPhone 7. But don’t worry, because when Apple closes a door, third-part iOS tweakers open a window.

Twitter user “heyeased” has become well-known for crafting crazy iPhone wallpapers that cause fun little glitches and change the look of your home screen. Some of his wallpapers make the dock disappear, some make your square folder icons round, and some even cause crazy optical illusions when you move your phone. This week, he released a flurry of new wallpapers — 645 in total — that work with Apple’s new iOS 10.2 release… but there’s a catch.

iOS 10.2 changes some things between different types of devices, so not all of heyeased’s wallpapers work on every iPhone model. For example, he found a way to make everyone’s favorite black iPhone wallpaper work again on iOS 10.2, but only with iPhones that have 4-inch displays. Meanwhile, he managed to create “magic white” wallpapers that make the dock disappear on all iPhone models.

You’ll find all of heyeased’s new iPhone wallpapers on this page, and there are some great new ones to be found. Highlights include brand new “magi gradient” wallpapers like the one you see at the top of this post, new “magic pastel” wallpapers, and several new wallpapers that will hide your dock and folder backgrounds.

Zach Epstein
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