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Hearthstone’s Un’goro update is finally here – go get the new cards now

Hearthstone Journey to Un'goro Cards Released

It’s that day of the month, Hearthstone fans, when Blizzard releases that major cards update you’ve been waiting for. Just as expected, Journey to Un’Goro is here and it brings over no less than 135 additional cards. Also included in the mix are plenty of dinosaurs and elementals, as well as new game mechanics including adaptations and in-game quests — these are quests you need to perform during battles, and they’re kind of challenging.

Whether you play the game on iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer, you should already have the patch that enables the update. In fact, you may have already received a bunch of locked Un’goro card packs. The good news is that you can unlock those cards today, and purchase others if you want. You can buy additional packs using in-game gold, or you can pay with cash if you so choose.

The bad news, at least for some Hearthstone fans, is that many of the cards they love have expired. They’re still available in Wild mode, but not in Standard mode. This Hearthstone feature is meant to keep the game fresh and allow newcomers to stand a chance when fighting experienced players in ladder games. That means it’s very likely all your decks may already be “broken,” as you’ll have to remove the old cards and replace them with something else.

Curious what all the new cards are? Check out this video review that offers you a preview of what to expect from Blizzard’s latest Hearthstone expansion.

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