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Here are the most Googled queries in each state around Christmastime

Published Dec 23rd, 2018 12:06PM EST
Google Search Christmas

The Christmas holiday is a time of gift-giving, family get-togethers, and singing carols. We get time off from work, we get to spend time with the ones we love, so no wonder this time of year tends to bring out the best in people — as well as spur people to ask some pretty unusual questions via a a Google search. That’s according to a new state-by-state roundup of what the top Google searches are around the country during the holidays, a roundup put together by the team at

The results, suffice it to say, are interesting – and might surprise you. For example, the top Christmastime Google Search query in the Lone Star State is “Is the Grinch real?” (Texas, you guys ok?) Over in California, it’s “Is Starbucks open on Christmas?” In Florida, it’s simply: “” There are lots of family-friendly searches in the middle part of the country, with searches about everything from Christmas lights to “Family activities.”

Things start to get weirder as you move west. Like in Wyoming, where the top Christmastime Google Search query is “Kardashian Christmas card.” Here’s a link to the full report.

Among some of the other interesting findings: “Tinder” is popular around the US on Christmas and is even the top search query in Rhode Island. Also, the most popular query across the entire US on Christmas Day is “” In Ohio, the most-searched query is “Where to buy coal.”

The team at said they took Google Trends data and reviewed the top searches on Christmas in 2017 and did a dive into the results state-by-state to produce a list of each state’s most-Googled Christmas-related term. You can see the results in the graphic above.

We certainly hope everyone has a happy holiday, a great Christmas — and to you guys in Virginia, we hope you’re successful in your Google quest to figure out how long it takes to roast a chicken.

Andy Meek
Andy Meek Trending News Reporter

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