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Dyson’s new vacuum can see, hear, and count all the tiny dust particles in your home

Published Mar 25th, 2021 3:12PM EDT
Dyson V15 Detect
Image: Dyson

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The cordless vacuum experts at Dyson have released a brand new device that has a few novel features the rest of the industry will likely copy in the years to come. After all, Dyson has been setting the tone in the vacuum industry for years. Many of the newest devices are regularly pitted against the best vacuums Dyson has to offer, and there’s no other company in the industry that sets the bar like Dyson.

The Dyson V15 Detect is precisely the kind of cordless vacuum we need during a health crisis like the novel coronavirus pandemic. Cleanliness has been a top priority during the past year, from hands to products and homes. With that in mind, Dyson engineers have devised a smarter cordless vacuum that can see, hear, and even count all the tiny dust particles in your home. But the best part is that it can also give you peace of mind.

The Dyson V15 Detect’s three signature features are the laser light that illuminates all the dust on the floor, the piezo sensor that listens for the vibration the dust particles make to determine their size and count them, and the brand new anti-tangle Hair Screw that prevents hair from getting tangled in the roller.

Dyson V15 Detect
Dyson V15 Detect illuminates the floor to highlight all the tiny dust particles. Image source: Dyson

Most cordless vacuums already feature lights to help you see the floor as you clean your home, but the V15 Detect takes lighting to a whole new level. A diode laser is placed in the cleaner head, beaming green light to the floor at a 1.5-degree angle. It’s placed just 7.3mm off the ground, and that will allow you to see all the dust on surfaces, well beyond what the human eye can see. The laser will tell you if you’re doing a good job — and it will undoubtedly guilt you into having another pass over some surfaces.

Dyson V15 Detect
Dyson V15 Detect features a piezo sensor that uses sound to detect particles and count them. Image source: Dyson

The piezo sensor in the motor will actually prove that the V15 Detect can collect all those microscopic particles. The sensor listens for the dust traveling through the vacuum, using the vibration various types of debris produce to determine size and quantity of the particles. That information is shown on the display, providing direct evidence of how well the V15 Detect can clean your home. Dyson says that the vacuum will pick up 99.99% of fine dust as small as 0.3 microns, thanks to its advanced filtration system, powerful motor, and intelligent features.

Displaying particle size and quantity might sound like an unnecessary gimmick, but the feature has a more practical aspect. By measuring the debris, the D15 will know when to increase the suction power automatically. If there’s more dust on a surface, the power will increase without you having to fumble with switches and buttons. In turn, this can save battery life. The new vacuum lasts for 60 minutes on a single charge, according to Dyson.

Dyson V15 Detect
Dyson V15 Detect’s display shows details about the type of debris collected during the current cleaning session. Image source: Dyson

Finally, there’s the anti-tangle Hair Screw, which will collect human and animal hair and send it directly to the bin rather than around the brush. The new anti-tangle High Torque cleaner head features “ 56 polycarbonate teeth which look like a comb.” Dyson says the small teeth will prevent tangling and clear hair automatically.

All that power and intelligence comes with the kind of price tag you expect. The Dyson V15 Detect costs $699.99, and it’s available right now. The following video, featuring Dyson co-founder and CEO James Dyson, shows all of the D15’s new features in action.

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