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Drake’s new single ‘Winter’s Cold’ isn’t Drake at all — an AI created it

Published Apr 19th, 2023 5:42PM EDT
Drake's AI song "Winter's Cold"
Image: @TheDarknessDev

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Remember Swag Pope? Today, it’s Drake’s turn.

If you remember, a few weeks ago, the internet exploded over “swag Pope,” which was an image of Pope Francis wearing an incredibly fashionable white puffer coat. Everyone started reporting it and then realized that it was actually an AI-generated image. It was the same week that an image of former President Donald Trump being arrested also made the rounds online and was debunked as an image created by artificial intelligence.

Generative AI has also been making its way beyond images and into audio. While some of that has been taking audio and translating it into text, others are generating audio from text prompts. It’s technically still early days, and there have already been some examples of attempts at AI-generated music, but this latest one would have definitely fooled me had I not known it was AI before tuning in.

Someone has created a new single from Drake called “Winter’s Cold.” Of course, along with the song itself, there is some album art to go with it. The song sounds… well… exactly like a Drake song. From the instruments used to the beat timing to Drake’s rapping style, it sounds exactly like a song we would expect from the artist.

You can listen to the song on Twitter below:

As generative AI starts to generate music from our favorite artists at levels that are indistinguishable from the artist themselves, are you a bad fan if you enjoy the music generated by the AI? Labels are already trying to get these AI-generated songs taken down, setting up potential legal battles between AI companies and artists. The future of music is just one of the industries that are about to get weird due to artificial intelligence.

Speaking of non-AI companies taking on AI companies, Elon Musk threatened to sue Microsoft earlier today, claiming that the company illegally used Twitter data to train its AI products.

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