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9 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today

Updated 4 years ago
Best Free iPhone Apps

CES 2016 might be the talk of the town today, but not everyone wants all of their tech news occupied by a bunch of nifty gadgets that might never actually be released. For a brief break from all that action, perhaps you’d like to enjoy a list of nine paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free right now. There are some great options in today’s list, and you’ll also find a few more freebies in yesterday’s post if you jump back to that one.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Call Recorder Pro

Normally $9.99.


Call Recorder™ Pro lets you record incoming & outgoing calls seamlessly and effortlessly.

* Record incoming calls
* Record outgoing calls
* Record unlimited number of calls
* All recordings are stored locally (for your privacy & security)
* All recordings are encrypted
* The most secure call recording app
* Record any call with a tap of a button
* Export any recording easily
* Email recordings in MP3 format
* Download recordings to your computer
* No monthly fees!
* Recordings are available instantly
* Access to call recording laws
* Stunning, easy to use interface & design

Download Call Recorder Pro

Peronio Pop-Up Book

Normally $2.99.

PERONIO is an interactive Pop-up Book like you have never seen before!

Unlike any other interactive book around, PERONIO wows through the use of virtual reality glasses technology and presents a holographic game-play experience, combining Virtual and Augmented Reality technology into one unique experience that you will never forget!

It provides the user a never before, seen adventure that the reader can engage in to discover this ultra imaginative Pop-up Book.

Turn your conventional mobile phone into a “super-special-laser-vision-machine”.
All you need to do is follow the instructions and enjoy the MAGIC!

From the very second the first page turns, we discover the adventures of Peronio, the books namesake, who can´t decide what he wants to be when he grows up. We follow him on his journey and explore various exciting challenges and mini games along the way.

The game can be played using the hands directly at the Target, creating an Holographic effect that one can virtually “touch” it, pushing the imagination to the MAX!

“What do you want to be when you are grown up?”

Peronio doesn´t just want to be a regular dentist, he wants to be the dentist to Dragons because they have so many pointy teeth!

Then he tries out being an Engineer to turns his dad´s car into a spaceship…of course! The options are endless and all this enhanced through Virtual and Augmented reality!

This world that kids build up about adulthood and professions is truly magic and fascinates us all.

You can play Peronio in many different ways, with or without a VR glasses. It is important to know that the game will function with every low cost VR glasses.

Download Peronio Pop-Up Book


Normally $2.99.

Over 50000 people track their time with BusyBox!

BusyBox lets you track the time you spend on all your activities.

+ Daily Tracking +
Visualize your activities for the current day.

+ Data Visualization +
Track the total time you spend on each activity.

+ Sync via Dropbox +
You can sync your data via Dropbox across your devices. Also, you will not lose your activity data when getting a new iPhone.

+ Notes +
If you need to log more details about your tasks, you can associate notes to your task logs. Logs can then be filtered by note contents.

+ Export your Data +
Export your activity data to an excel file that can be read in excel, open office or any spreadsheet software. The notes are also exported to the excel file.

+ Open In +
Open the excel file in any app that can open excel files on your iPhone.

+ Share via Email +
Send the excel file via email.

Download BusyBox

Code Viewer

Normally $0.99.

*Featured by Apple in “New and Noteworthy” category

* View source code files, with native colors *
App support 60+ programming languages, like Swift, C, C++, JS, ObjC, C#, HTML, XML, Java, Python, Ruby etc.

* Open Xcode projects like Xcode do it. *
You can browse file through folders, or select .xcodeproj file to open whole Xcode project. App will analyse project files, and open your project like Xcode, with all groups, bundles, frameworks, etc.

* Table of Contents *
In each header or source file, you can use Table of Contents, for fast jump to any method definition, interfere, protocol or property declaration, #define constant. We also cheek your #pragma marks, to group your methods.

* Easy add new code *
Just drag your files to app through iTunes, or download/search files directly from GitHub. Just past a link to repository like or search for repository by name. Also you can “Open In” any file in Code Viewer from Safari or any other app.

* 30+ color themes *
Including Xcode Default and Dusk themes

Download Code Viewer


Normally $0.99.

Tipee – Easy bill splitter & tip calculator for groups and individuals.

Are you tired of those awkward moments trying to calculate tips or split the bill with your friends?
Who owes what? How much change does everyone need? We’ve all been there.

Introducing Tipee – the fast, easy way to split the bill or calculate tips.

Simply enter the bill amount with tip you’d like to leave and let Tipee take care of the rest.
It’s that easy. Tipee can even work out how much money you need back.

Whether you’re a party of one or a party of ten, Tipee has got you covered.

Features include:

– Split bill evenly between a group, or
– Calculate each person’s bill separately.
– Calculate change owed.
– Built-in calculator.
– Share receipt with friends.
– Includes the ultimate tip guide.
– Supports any currency.
– Remembers last used values such as tip percentage, saving you time so you don’t have to re-enter them.
– Instant results. All calculations are updated immediately in real-time.

Pay the right amount every-time and have fun doing it.
Get Tipee today!

Your positive ratings help make it possible to continue bringing you this and other apps. Please take a few minutes to provide a rating. Before posting any negative ratings, please use the support link to send us any issues/questions you may have.

What people are saying about Tipee:

“ By far the best tip calculator ”
“ A must have iPhone app! ”
” An absolute joy to use “
“ Incredibly fast and reliable! ”
“ So simple and beautiful ”

Download Tipee

Color Dodge

Normally $0.99.

Simplest game for your iPhone, iPad and apple watch.
Want to test your reflexes ?
Simply tap the screen to match arrow color with correct color on dial.
Game Features:
● Apple Watch Version
● Fast faced game
● Easy and fun to play but challenging to master

Support and Feedback:

If you have any technical issue please contact us at
Please include the device information and if possible send a screenshot of the problem.
The more information that you provide to us, the better we can serve you and
fix the bugs that may exist. Thank you.

Download Color Dodge


Normally $1.99.

DoitQUICKLY is reminders card manager for iPhone & iPad.

# Features
— Reminders
— Realtime time left tracking
— Today widget
— Split View (for iPads)
— Spotlight search
— Themes

# How does it work?
Add short important reminder as a card with deadline progress bar and time left counter. Key to success is do less but often. The cards typography are screaming on you, like a good sport coach, to keep you motivated. Clear your head, by writing down all important events and set up reminders.

# One reminder is a card
Add to the cards only important reminders for short period of time, for example not greater than 3-5 days. Don’t try to add everything, keep all short, but do things often. When you overwhelmed the last thing you need is a complex UI. That’s why we created DoitQUICKLY.

Download DoItQUICKLY


Normally $1.99.

** In celebration of our new Postlytics app launch, SlideSync is now free for 3 days! Check out our new app, Postlytics **

SlideSync lets you present, record, take notes, and share documents across iOS devices without the need of any internet connection.

NOTE: SlideSync currently only supports PDF documents

Simply just open the same documents on multiple iOS devices, and watch the magic happen. No connection, no pairing, it’s almost like wizardry!

SlideSync is for everyone. Whether you give presentations at conferences regularly; review documents with clients; or enjoy reading storybooks to your kids, SlideSync is for you!

*Even though we require Location Services for the sync to work, we do not actually use or track your location. So start syncing!

SlideSync Features:
– No Internet? No Problem! Sync slides without any connection
– One-to-many slide syncing – we don’t know how many yet, but it’s big!
– Dropbox and Google Drive integration for easy file downloading
– Record a presentation and watch it later
– Take and review quick notes
– Share files between iOS devices with AirDrop (again, no Internet needed)
– Collision detection for multiple people presenting the same file simultaneously
– 16 Channels for avoiding collisions.
– Bilingual: Currently supports English and Chinese. More to come.

Download SlideSync

Slow Shutter Camera

Normally $2.99.

Camera features:
1. Create blur effect for moving object
2. Create light trail photos
3. Improve photo quality under low light.

See Screenshots for samples!

Having trouble capturing night photo because it is too dark? Slow Shutter Camera is perfectly suitable for night scene and night portrait. Try now and you will love it.

Seeing your friend capturing traffic light trail on a busy road?
You could also do it now without a DSLR.

One of the camera app that you must have as a complement to existing camera app. Download now before the free promotion end.

Download Slow Shutter Camera

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