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9 things you had no idea ChatGPT can do

Published Feb 17th, 2023 3:45PM EST
ChatGPT photo illustration
Image: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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The easiest thing you can do with ChatGPT is simply to ask it questions. There’s no guarantee that AI chatbots will offer you the correct answers compared with traditional online search methods like Google Search. But ChatGPT will always provide an answer. And it’ll do it in a conversational tone, similar to texting or talking to a human. You can go back and forth with the AI on the topic, and the results will vary as you continue your conversation.

That said, ChatGPT is more than just a search solution. The chatbot can perform all sorts of tasks that might not be immediately obvious. We’ll cover some of them below, with examples from users who challenged the OpenAI bot with unusual tasks.

Have ChatGPT run a Linux virtual machine and talk to itself

This is the kind of task that regular ChatGPT users might not want to perform, but it’s incredible nonetheless. That’s why we’re starting with it.

Engraved‘s Jonas Degrave used the chatbot to create a Linux virtual machine. It then connected to a version of the internet where it interacted with a different variant of ChatGPT, which is just mind-blowing.

Definitely check out Degrave’s post about it.

Create music with ChatGPT

YouTube channel Ramzoid had ChatGPT make music. Yes, that’s right, the chatbot can create music. That includes both the lyrics and the instrumentation. You just have to tell the AI exactly what you need from it.

ChatGPT can make logos from scratch

ChatGPT isn’t a designer, but it knows how to code. It actually coeds well enough to create visual elements. Like a logo, as seen in the animation below.

As Tom’s Guide reports, the chatbot can attempt to recreate existing logos or make brand-new ones. Just give ChatGPT the proper written instructions.

Create 3D animations with ChatGPT

What if you want to go above a simple logo? Well, YouTube channel Marble Science found a way to create 3D animations with the help of ChatGPT. Again, no coding experience is necessary from the human talking to the bot to pull off this trick.

Write a cover letter with ChatGPT

Say you’re looking for a particular job and need to write an inspiring cover letter. You could do it yourself, changing a previous draft you might have used in the past. Or you could start with templates from the internet.

Or, as HowToGeek explains, you can tell ChatGPT to do it.

You will need to provide instructions about the kind of cover letter you want from the chatbot. Then just sit back and enjoy the results.

Don’t expect miracles, however. And you might want to polish the end result once the first draft is written. Remember that you can fine-tune the result by asking the chatbot to make changes after the first draft has been produced.

Create content in multiple languages

Say you need to create written content in various languages. ChatGPT will help you do it, just like the cover letter example above.

Tom’s Guide asked the AI to write a haiku in four different languages, and the chatbot complied.

Get suggestions for social media content

YouTuber PhoneBuff put out a clip showing several ChatGPT features that can help with someone’s day-to-day job. One of the features is having ChatGPT offer the title, thumbnail, and tags for videos.

But you can extrapolate the request to help you with your own social media activity, whether you’re on Instagram, TikTok, or any other app.

Plan a party for your kids

ChatGPT won’t always give you accurate results, so it will not be a dependable Google Search replacement anytime soon. But the AI chatbot can be used as an assistant to extract specific information from the internet.

For example, you might want to ask ChatGPT for ideas for a kids’ party that you plan to throw. The assistant will then produce results that you can use or ignore. HowToGeek asked the bot for ideas for a 10-year-old’s Minecraft-themed birthday party, and the chatbot produced them instantly.

Play a text-based role-playing game

Speaking of games, if you’re into role-playing games, you might have plenty of fun using ChatGPT as the dungeon master.

As with the previous tasks, you’ll need to provide clear instructions for the chatbot to start your game of Dungeons and Dragons. Once you do, you’ll be able to play the text-based game right in a browser.

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