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4 free NVIDIA courses to help you master AI like ChatGPT and more

Published Mar 28th, 2024 4:44PM EDT
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Image: Stanislav Kogiku/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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AI has become a mainstay in our world, and as LLMs like GPT continue to improve alongside chatbots like ChatGPT and Gemini, they’re going to attract even more users. That’s why understanding and mastering AI is so important. Luckily, you don’t have to pay to understand AI better, as there are multiple free AI courses online, including a few great options from Nvidia.

As one of the leading companies developing AI chips, Nvidia has a really good idea of what you need to understand and use AI most effectively. That’s why it’s so exciting that the company has released multiple courses to help you get more out of AI, such as ChatGPT.

While the company does offer some paid courses, all of the options I’m going to outline are completely free AI courses, and they cover some of the most important aspects of working with AI, like ChatGPT, so that you can understand it all better.

OpenAI DevDay keynote: ChatGPT usage this year.
ChatGPT usage continues to soar. Image source: YouTube

The first course you’ll want to start with is Generative AI Explained. This course breaks down everything you need to know about generative AI, including how it works and even some of the various generative AI applications that you can expect to see. It also discusses the challenges and opportunities that generative AI introduces.

If you want to dig in deeper, then the Building A Brain in 10 Minutes free AI course is a great place to continue your learning. This explores how neural networks use data to learn and even breaks down the math behind neurons.

You can continue building your understanding and mastery of AI with Nvidia’s Augment your LLM with Retrieval Augmented Generation course. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) helps you optimize the output of LLMs with dynamic, domain-specific data without requiring you to retrain the model.

This free AI course breaks down the basis of RAG and how to use it to deepen your understanding and use of AI like ChatGPT, immensely. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own version of ChatGPT, this course can help you understand some of the finer points of the work behind keeping LLMs like GPT learning.

From this starting point, you can then move on to Building RAG Agents with LLMs, which will teach you how to scale deployment strategies for LLMS and even learn modern LangChain paradigms that can help with document retrieval and dialog management, Nvidia says. It will also teach you how to use advanced models and production steps.

Free AI courses to help you master ChatGPT

If you want to dig deeper and focus just on ChatGPT, though, there are certainly a lot of free AI courses available for that, too. Udemy is a great place to find courses on ChatGPT and other topics, and these are a few great options you can start with to get a better understanding of how to master ChatGPT.

Open AI's ChatGPT start page.
Open AI’s ChatGPT start page. Image source: Jonathan S. Geller

Exploring ChatGPT in 2 hours: Practical Guide for Beginners is exactly what it sounds like — a comprehensive deep dive into ChatGPT for people who haven’t used it much. Even if you’ve used ChatGPT a lot, this course can prove extremely useful, as it breaks down all the basics you need to master.

I also recommend checking out the Prompt Engineering Principles: ChatGPT and DALL-E if you want a better idea of how to actually create prompts that can deliver solid results in ChatGPT. The responses you receive from OpenAI’s AI model are often tied to how strong your prompt is, so this free AI course will help you create stronger prompts so you get better results.

Want more help with prompts? You can also use free sites like the ChatGPT Super Prompt Generator to create better prompts quickly, though it won’t necessarily help you understand how to make those better prompts yourself.

If you want to take things a step further, you can also check out the Master ChatGPT, Midjourney, GPT-4, and More! course on Udemy for a comprehensive breakdown of how to enhance your creativity and productivity with ChatGPT and programs like it.

Each of these free AI courses will help you get a better understanding of the different tools at your disposal so that you can use ChatGPT and other AI applications to improve your productivity, creativity, and more.

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