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Xbox 720

Xbox Launch Event Live Stream

How to watch live streaming video of Microsoft’s big Xbox launch event

May 21st, 2013

After years of leaks, rumors and speculation, Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox will finally be unveiled on Tuesday during a press conference in Redmond, Washington. Recent reports suggest that the new “Xbox 720,” “Xbox Infinity” or whatever else it might be called will feature vastly improved specs such as an eight-core processor, 8GB of RAM, an 800MHz …

Xbox Infinity PlayStation 4 Rivalry

Xbox Infinity vs. PlayStation 4: Is the classic rivalry coming to an end?

May 10th, 2013

In the video game industry as in many popular video games themselves, a fierce rivalry has taken center stage. Sony took a commanding early lead and its PlayStation and PlayStation 2 systems are both among best-selling video game consoles of all time at No.4 and No.1, respectively. Then the tide turned and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 …

Microsoft Xbox Infinity Official Name

Microsoft’s next-gen console reportedly called ‘Xbox Infinity’

May 7th, 2013

Microsoft’s hugely anticipated next-generation console apparently has a name and it isn’t the Xbox 720. Unnamed sources have told the International Business Times that the new Xbox will be called the Xbox Infinity and that development kits for the new console “are already in the hands of studios.” Microsoft will formally unveil its new Xbox on May 21st and …

Microsoft Xbox720 Always Online

Next Xbox won’t force users to stay online to play games

May 6th, 2013

Good news for Xbox fans: Microsoft has decided to not commit commercial suicide by forcing gamers to have an Internet connection just to play games. Ars Technica has got hold of an internal Microsoft email to Xbox engineers outlining “a number of scenarios that our users expect to work without an Internet connection” and instructing …

Microsoft to debut full line-up of next-gen Xbox games at E3 on June 10th

Microsoft to debut full lineup of next-gen Xbox games at E3 on June 10th

April 25th, 2013

Microsoft has big plans for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Following its unveiling of the next-generation Xbox video game console on May 21st, the company plans to “continue the conversation” at the annual gaming convention. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to Polygon that the company will “showcase the new console’s software line-up” and a “full line-up …

Microsoft to announce next-gen Xbox on May 21st

Microsoft to announce next-gen Xbox on May 21st

April 24th, 2013

In line with earlier rumors, Microsoft on Wednesday invited members of the press to an event next month for its next-generation Xbox gaming system. The new console is rumored to be equipped with an 1.6GHz 8-core AMD processor, 8GB of RAM, an 800MHz graphics processor, a Blu-ray Disc drive and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. The next-generation …

Xbox 360 reigns supreme for 27th consecutive month

Xbox 360 leads console sales for 27th consecutive month

April 19th, 2013

Microsoft’s gaming console has remained the best-selling system in the United States for the 27th consecutive month, according to new data from NPD Group. The Xbox 360 sold 261,000 units in the U.S. in March, beating out Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii U. As a whole, physical sales were down 10% year-over-year from $1.1 …