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Titanfall News

Does Titanfall live up to the massive hype?

Titanfall is quite possibly the most fun any of us will have with a video game in 2014. It’s not perfect, it’s not especially robust, it doesn’t offer limitless customization or even a >>

Titanfall may come to a Mac near you after all

Titanfall may already be played on a Mac, assuming the OS X machine meets minimum requirements for the game to run properly and that Windows is installed on it beforehand. But a made >>

Huge Titanfall update could bring 1080p gameplay

We’ve been reading a lot about pixels lately, as they pertain to new video game consoles from Sony and Microsoft. This game is true 1080p, that game isn’t true 1080p, the other game >>

Titanfall launch event attracts huge lines at SXSW

Microsoft hosted a huge launch party at SXSW on Monday night in order to celebrate the release of Titanfall, and it appears to have been one of the most-attended events of the show >>