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Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless: best prepaid cell plan 2017

2GB of free data for six months is a hard offer to refuse

May 17th, 2017

Republic Wireless is a small cell company that’s come to be known for cheap, no-frills plans over the last year. But with the big four networks dominating cell contracts, Republic has to pull some noteworthy stunts to get any attention. That probably explains why the company is offering 2GB of free data per month for …

Republic Wireless Unused Data Repayment

There’s now a wireless carrier that will pay you for your unused data

April 20th, 2015

Did the Uncarrier just get Uncarrier’d? T-Mobile is often the first wireless carrier in the United States that comes to mind when discussing innovative mobile plans that stand to benefit consumers, but a lesser-known carrier called Republic Wireless has just announced a new data plan that will actually pay subscribers back for any unused data remaining …

Republic Wireless Moto X Deal

How to get a huge $150 discount on one of 2014’s very best Android phones

December 9th, 2014

Android smartphone fans looking to buy a new Motorola handset for a cheaper price have plenty of options at their disposal, including Best Buy’s special Droid Turbo sale, Amazon’s Moto G discount and even U.S. Cellular’s cheaper on-contract Nexus 6 offer. But those buyers looking for a deal on the 2014 Moto X model, Motorola’s current flagship …

Moto G Republic Wireless Release Date

Moto G is coming to Republic Wireless for $149 off-contract

March 13th, 2014

Republic Wireless announced on Thursday that the affordable Moto G will be added to its lineup in April. The 8GB model of the Motorola smartphone will retail for $149 without a contract and its 16GB counterpart will cost $179. These prices aren’t quite as competitive as some of the other Moto G deals we’ve seen …

Moto X Republic Wireless

Moto X coming to Republic Wireless for just $299 off contract

September 19th, 2013

Republic Wireless announced on Thursday that it will begin offering the Moto X smartphone for $299 without a contract. For the sake of comparison, other carriers are selling Motorola’s phone for around $600 unsubsidized. Republic Wireless will offer several unlimited plans for the phone starting in November. For talk, text and data on Wi-Fi, but …

Republic Wireless Unlimited

Republic Wireless’ $19 unlimited plans now available to everyone

November 23rd, 2012

Republic Wireless, the mobile service provider that made headlines last year for its impossibly cheap $19 unlimited talk, text and web plan, is back at it again. The wireless carrier limited its original offering to early beta testers last December and once again this past summer, but Republic Wireless is now ready to open its …

$19 unlimited data plan from Republic Wireless is back

July 31st, 2012

Attention smartphone users tired of expensive plans and data caps: there is an alternative. Engadget reports that Republic Wireless has now reopened its beta program that offers users unlimited voice and data services for just $19 per month. How does Republic get away with charging so little? Well, the company has developed a technology called Hybrid …

Republic Wireless ditches limits on its $19 unlimited plan

December 26th, 2011

Republic Wireless, a Sprint MVNO that launched in November, announced late last week that it is ditching its “fair use threshold” and is now offering a truly unlimited talk, text and data plan for $19 a month. When the carrier first made its debut, it advertised “unlimited data” but said it reserved the right to …