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Apple is beating Android where it hurts the most

Ever since iOS and Android first started going to war in the smartphone world, there’s been a clear division in the market. Apple and Samsung make money on expensive flagship smartphones, and everyone >>

How one man built his own iPhone out of spare parts

Simple phone repairs, like a battery or a screen unit, are easier than people think. Thanks to guides like iFixit and the magic of eBay, information and spare parts are cheap and plentiful, and arguably >>

Self-destructing phones are finally a reality

The idea of a self-destructing phone is usually something you only encounter in goofy spy movies, but it’s actually a potentially valuable invention that could aid in security for high profile individuals. A >>

Grab a 12,000 mAh power bank for 80% off on Amazon

Do you ever find yourself with a red battery in the corner of your smartphone screen or with a low battery notification popping up? Well, the stress that comes from having a low >>

Facebook is killing carriers' SMS revenue

Global carrier revenue from SMS services is in decline, and the cause of the slide is a topic of much debate. Mobile messaging services such as WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger and Apple’s iMessage are >>