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Wireless carriers continue to battle phone subsidies

Wireless carriers have traditionally made money off lengthy two-year service agreements, rather than physical device sales. In the age of smartphones, however, carriers are footing the bill for expensive handsets that result in >>

Microsoft may be forced to give Nokia a bail out

Nokia continues to struggle as the once dominant cell phone maker continues to lose share in both the smartphone and broader mobile market. The Finnish vendor’s Lumia handsets have yet to take off and >>

New iPhone app enables self-destructing sext messages

Sexting, or the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs between mobile phones, continues to grow increasingly popular. Mobile users often have private photos posted to the Internet without their permission, and >>

Mobile porn revenue to reach almost $1 billion by 2015

Juniper Research’s latest report estimates that mobile adult content subscriptions will reach nearly $1 billion by 2015, led by increased growth in the smartphone and tablet markets, along with the availability of increasingly faster mobile data >>