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The 3 things we can’t wait to see at Google I/O

June has already been an exciting month for tech so far with the unveiling of iOS 8 and the launch of Amazon’s first smartphone. And now it’s Google’s turn to make big waves >>

Google I/O registration date set for March 13th

It looks as though Google (GOOG) is almost ready to start taking registration applications for its 2013 Google I/O conference. The company’s official I/O website on Friday posted a notice that registration for this year’s >>

Google teases more details about its Glass project

Google Glass, Google’s tantalizing glasses headset that projects images and data directly onto users’ eyes, got its own segment at Google I/O Wednesday even though the product is nowhere near being released for >>

Google announces tablet version of Google+

Google today announced a tablet-specific version of its Google+ social network. Among other things the new tablet applications will feature Hangouts that automatically switch cameras based on which person in the Hangout is >>