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science news

These incredible birds can fly for hours without flapping their wings

July 14th, 2020

A new study into the flight characteristics of condors — the largest soaring birds on Earth — finds that they rarely flap their wings once airborne. Condors are capable of flying for over a hundred miles without flapping their wings once. This incredibly efficient flight ability was honed over countless generations. Humans like to think …

Gogo 5G

Gogo will launch a 5G in-flight network in 2021

May 30th, 2019

The worldwide 5G rollout has officially begun, but for the time being, so few devices and cities actually support the technology that it still feels like it’s years away from becoming mainstream. We still don’t know when a majority of us will be able to take advantage of the lightning-fast speeds of 5G, but an …

Jetpack Video

Must-watch video: Men with jetpacks fly over Dubai in stunning 4K

May 12th, 2015

In an age where everything is recorded and put on the web, it’s not too often that one comes across a video that’s absolutely mesmerizing. But such is the case with this gem of a video featuring aviation enthusiasts Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet soaring through the Dubai skyline with jetpacks. Even better, you can watch the …

Apple iPhone spontaneously combusts aboard flight in Australia

November 28th, 2011

An Apple iPhone spontaneously began smoking and emitting a red glow while aboard an airplane in Australia. Passengers aboard Regional Express flight ZL319 were welcomed to their destination in Sydney, Australia on Friday by a frightening ordeal. According to the airline, a passenger’s iPhone began “emitting a significant amount of dense smoke” shortly after the flight …