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Coinbase One

Coinbase testing a new subscription for commission-free bitcoin trading

November 4th, 2021

Coinbase is one of the most popular exchanges on which to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The company enjoyed massive success this year thanks to the exploding popularity of bitcoin and other digital assets. Coinbase went public earlier this year and announced new initiatives for customers in recent months. One of them is …

Walmart Litecoin

Fake Walmart litecoin press release sends crypto soaring

September 13th, 2021

Several big corporations including major retailers have taken an active interest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. We saw speculation recently indicating that crypto payments might be coming to Amazon and Walmart in the near future, as both companies are working on some blockchain initiatives. But we didn’t expect an announcement so soon. Yet a fake Walmart …

Coinbase SEC

SEC threatened to sue Coinbase over its unreleased Lend feature

September 8th, 2021

Bitcoin and the entire crypto space are experiencing a terrible week. El Salvador’s turned bitcoin into an official currency on Tuesday, with fans celebrating the move. Despite that, the bitcoin price experienced a massive flash crash. Bitcoin lost $10,000 within minutes, as over-leveraged traders who were long on bitcoin found themselves liquidated. All other coins …

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin price plummets $10,000 on what should’ve been a banner day

September 7th, 2021

September 7th should have had a big day in El Salvador. Today’s accomplishment will still be remembered, bitcoin price drop notwithstanding. The government announced plans to make the digital currency legal tender alongside the US dollar starting on September 7th. El Salvador went ahead with the project, making history in the process. The country is …

Walmart Bitcoin

Walmart job listing teases that bitcoin payments could be coming

August 16th, 2021

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have had a tumultuous year so far. We saw bitcoin soar to nearly $65,000 in mid-April and then lose more than 50% of its value three months later when it dipped below $30,000 per coin. Unlike the previous bull runs, it wasn’t just retail investors drumming up excitement. Financial institutions and …

Coinbase Cash

Coinbase now offers instant cash withdrawals of up to $100,000

August 8th, 2021

Investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies isn’t for the weak of heart. The digital coins remain highly volatile and prone to large price swings without warning. Bitcoin saw a meteoric rise to nearly $65,000 per coin in April, but then fell more than 50%, dragging the entire market down with it. Some people made massive …

Amazon Bitcoin Payments

Amazon denies reports that it will accept bitcoin payments

July 27th, 2021

Reports a few days ago revealed that Amazon is seeking an experienced individual to lead its digital currency and blockchain department. The finding invited speculation that Amazon was going to support bitcoin payments on its e-commerce store. A few days later, an insider claimed that bitcoin payments will launch later this year. The unnamed source …

Amazon Bitcoin

Will bitcoin payments be Amazon’s big Black Friday surprise this year?

July 26th, 2021

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency interest has been at an all-time high this year. Bitcoin reached a record of over $64,000 a few months ago before plunging more than 50%. The world’s most popular coin has recovered to just under $40,000 in the early hours of Monday, after a massive overnight rally. Bitcoin hasn’t just caught the …

Bitcoin News

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey just announced a new bitcoin business

July 16th, 2021

Bitcoin might be in a prolonged slump that’s terrifying some investors. But the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency is still trading above $31,000 as of Friday morning. That might be less than half the $64,000 all-time-high price from mid-April, but it’s still well over the $20,000 highs from a few years ago. Despite the massive price …