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LG Apple

Korean tech leaders are so mad that LG ditched Android to sell iPhones

June 25th, 2021

In something of an interesting move, LG recently announced its plan to start carrying Apple products like the iPhone inside of its retail stores in South Korea. And, not surprisingly, some local smartphone distributors are none too pleased with the development. According to The Korea Herald, critics of the announcement pointed to previous LG agreements …

iOS vs Android

This is the reason Apple CEO Tim Cook says iPhones are better than Android

June 17th, 2021

I’m sure, if you pressed Apple CEO Tim Cook about what he thinks makes his company’s mobile operating software better than its major competitor’s, he could offer a whole host of answers to the age-old question of iOS vs Android, of which OS is superior. During a half-hour “fireside chat” portion of this week’s VivaTech …

Android new features

Google just revealed 7 new features coming to Android this summer

June 15th, 2021

Android 12 will refresh the look and feel of Google’s mobile operating system in late 2021, but before the next big, numbered update drops, the company is introducing seven new features that will start to hit Android phones this summer. Some are more substantial than others, but Android device owners will have plenty to look …

iPhone vs Android

iPhones dominate Android in North America, but we didn’t know it was this bad

June 11th, 2021

Back in April, we reported new sales data out from Counterpoint Research, which showed that Apple’s iPhone 12 series was not only selling like hotcakes but, according to the latest Counterpoint Research Market Pulse report, helped Apple capture six spots on the then-just-issued top 10 list of the global best-selling smartphone models for January 2021. …

Huawei HarmonyOS

This new Android rival hit 10 million users in just one week

June 10th, 2021

Earlier this week, Huawei announced HarmonyOS 2 — the new operating system that will replace Google’s Android on various smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other smart gadgets. HarmonyOS 2 is already compatible with dozens of existing Huawei devices. For a while, we thought that HarmonyOS would be a brand new, universal OS, similar to Google’s own …

iPhone vs Android

This is the biggest reason iPhone users switch from Apple to Android

June 6th, 2021

At some point during WWDC 2021, which kicks off on Monday, Apple will likely share metrics touting Apple’s customer satisfaction numbers as well as overall user loyalty to the iPhone maker and its ecosystem. Those data points will fit in nicely with the rest of the always highly anticipated keynote from Cook and other Apple …

Huawei HarmonyOS

Huawei unveiled its new OS that will replace Google’s Android

June 2nd, 2021

When Huawei found itself unable to do business with US tech companies a couple of years ago, the Chinese handset vendor rolled out a version of Android with no Google apps preinstalled. The US ban on Huawei meant Google could not license the Android experience available on other handsets to Huawei, so the Chinese giant …