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Space and science coverage including asteroids, galaxies, planets, NASA and SpaceX launches.


Stunning photo shows a massive plasma tree shooting out of the Sun

January 21st, 2022

An astrophotographer recently managed to capture a shot of a “plasma tree” on the surface of the Sun. The tree itself was clocked in at over 80,000 miles high. According to the astrophotographer, Andrew McCarthy, the tree was created by plasma pulled away from the sun by its magnetic field. This isn’t the first time …

Something bizarre is raining down on Uranus

January 17th, 2022

Scientists believe that Neptune and Uranus could both be home to a constant stream of “diamond rain”. The two planets are considered “ice giants”. They’re mostly made of water, methane, and ammonia, which accounts for the icy-like titles we’ve given them. While they might not be as talked about as some of the other giants …

Planets of the solar system

Scientists discovered a massive new world and they have no idea how it formed

December 30th, 2021

The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope—yes, that’s actually the name—has discovered a brand-new world. The planet in question is located 325 light-years away from Earth, in the Centaurus constellation. The planet itself orbits b Centauri, a two-star system that you can often see with the naked eye. Scientists say that this star system is …

black hole

Don’t miss this stunning photo of a black hole erupting

December 26th, 2021

Astronomers have captured a stunning photograph of a supermassive black hole erupting over 12 million light-years from the Earth. The photo is of the radio emissions caused by the active feeding of the black hole. According to astronomers, the image spans that of 16 full Moons side by side.