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2017 wasn’t bad enough, so Merriam-Webster added all these cringeworthy words to the dictionary

Published Feb 7th, 2017 4:29PM EST
New Words Added To Dictionary 2017
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So far, 2017 is turning out to be… not so great. Tensions are running high at home and abroad, and there’s no end in sight to the turmoil. In fact, political views are so fiercely divided at the moment that it is literally tearing families apart. Now, on top of everything else going on across the country and around the world, Merriam-Webster has made its round of new additions to the dictionary for 2017 and, well, it’s even worse than you thought.

Okay, so adding cringeworthy words and phrases like “humblebrag” and “throw shade” isn’t quite as unsettling as everything else going on right now. It’s still salt on the wound, though… we really could have done without seeing “weak sauce” become a formally recognized compound term.

Here are some examples of new words and phrases added to the dictionary in 2017, along with their definitions:

  • abandonware: software that is no longer sold or supported by its creator
  • binge–watch: to watch many or all episodes of (a TV series) in rapid succession
  • photobomb: to move into the frame of a photograph as it is being taken as a joke or prank
  • NSFW: not safe for work; not suitable for work
  • listicle: an article consisting of a series of items presented as a list
  • humblebrag: to make a seemingly modest, self-critical, or casual statement or reference that is meant to draw attention to one’s admirable or impressive qualities or achievements
  • truther: one who believes that the truth about an important subject or event is being concealed from the public by a powerful conspiracy
  • train wreck: an utter disaster or mess : a disastrous calamity or source of trouble
  • face–palm: to cover one’s face with the hand as an expression of embarrassment, dismay, or exasperation
  • side–eye: a sidelong glance or gaze especially when expressing scorn, suspicion, disapproval, or veiled curiosity
  • throw shade: to express contempt or disrespect for someone publicly especially by subtle or indirect insults or criticisms
  • weak sauce: something inferior, ineffective, or unimpressive : something weak

Check out Merriam-Webster’s blog post for more on this year’s new additions.

Zach Epstein
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