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Florida man assaults car salesman with golf club because he didn’t win a prize

florida man

Florida is a wondrous land of palm trees, theme parks, beaches and exotic wildlife. It’s also a place where elderly men go to car dealerships in the hopes of claiming prizes and then beat people with golf clubs when it turns out they didn’t actually win anything. 83-year-old Linsey Owens is a perfect example of the latter, and his recent altercation with a Nissan dealership was captured on video for the entire world to see.

The whole thing reportedly started when the Sarasota, Florida, resident received a scratch-off ticket in the mail from the dealership. The ticket apparently said that Owens had won some kind of a prize, though what that prize was remains unclear. Upon arriving at the Nissan dealer to claim said prize, Owens was informed that he hadn’t actually won anything yet, and that he actually needed to purchase a vehicle from the dealership to be eligible. That’s when things went south.

Owens then got into his car and sped towards one of the salesmen, swerving at the last moment but still managing to hit the man with the mirror of the vehicle. The employee then began recording the whole brouhaha, as Owens got out of his car and retrieved a golf club from his trunk. The irate elderly man proceeded to attack the salesman with the club, striking him in the face and knocking his phone away.

Owens was eventually arrested without incident. He was given a supervised release and must stay away from the dealership and those involved in the attack. He did not purchase a new vehicle.