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Would LG tarnish the Viewty name with a 2 megapixel camera?

Updated 4 years ago

The Viewty name has always been reserved for LG’s megapixel heavyweights, so seeing it associated with the unannounced and previously unseen GW300 has us seriously confused. One theory floating around is that the GW300 will bolster up the low-end of the Viewty line, but that still doesn’t make much sense considering even the most basic phones these days are pushing well past the 2 megapixel mark. Here we have a phone with a full-QWERTY keypad, QVGA display, Bluetooth, 10MB of internal memory and a microSD slot, and it’s going to sully the Viewty name instead of launching as a budget messaging phone? Of course it is possible that this just an early internal name and the GW300 will be given some random name like the LG Daguerreotype at launch. Actually, that would be rather fitting for a phone with a 2 megapixel camera, would it not?