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TELUS' HSPA soft-launch on track for September 2nd, full rollout expected in October

Aaaaand we’re back with some more news regarding TELUS’ HSPA soft-launch. We’ve spoken to a few more people who have been able to confirm to us that TELUS is indeed going to be flipping the switch on parts of its HSPA network on September 2nd — though at this point in time we’ve been unable to get confirmation as to which markets this will occur in. All we know for now is that Vancouver will be one of the lucky markets and, if all goes to plan, the majority of the country will be able to bask in the glory of the new network by the end of October. In other TELUS network news, we know a lot of people have been complaining about a sudden uptake in network interuptions. We’ve been told this is to do with the fact that engineers at TELUS have had to reposition a lot of CDMA antennas to make room for the new HSPA equipment. Chalk it up to a case of no pain, no gain, we suppose.