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Porsche: Tesla’s Ludicrous mode is bullshit and the seats ‘suck’

Porsche Mission E

Tesla has been on the vanguard of the EV revolution and has demonstrated no hesitation to completely deviate from practices that have governed the auto industry for decades. And as tends to be the case with any company so willing to shake up the status quo, the company has no shortage of detractors, even from car companies who themselves see the wisdom in developing and releasing electric cars.

Most recently, a Porsche product manager went to town on the Tesla Model S, effectively calling the company’s ballyhooed Ludicrous Mode nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

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“The thing about Ludicrous mode is that it’s a facade,” the anonymous product manager said during a recent interview with Automobile Magazine. “Two launches saps the whole battery. That won’t be the case with the Mission E. You’ll be able to run it hard, over and over; the battery will not overheat, the power control module will not overheat, and the seats will not suck.”

Shots fired.

And to be fair, the seats on the Model S, while they have improved, have long left much to be desired, especially given how expensive the car is.

While Porsche going after Tesla may seem a bit misplaced at first, remember that Porsche is looking to take on Tesla head-on with the release of its Mission E. As we reported earlier this year, Porsche is aiming to have the Mission E — now nothing more than a concept — on the road by 2020.

And putting their money where their mouth is, Porsche has plans to invest upwards of $1.12 billion in factory upgrades in order to accommodate Mission E production.

According to materials released by Porsche, the company envisions the Mission E as a sleek car with 600 horsepower, fast acceleration, a driving range of 310 miles and an ambitious re-charging time of 15 minutes.

“With Mission E, we are making a clear statement about the future of the brand,” company chairman Wolfgang Porsche said last year. “Even in a greatly changing motoring world, Porsche will maintain its front-row position with this fascinating sports car.”

Notably, the Mission E isn’t the only electric vehicle Porsche is planning to release. The company has said that it also plans to release a hybrid version of the Porsche 911 sometime in 2018.

And speaking to the growing rivalry between Tesla and Porsche, Tesla earlier this year hired Félix Godard, a talented designer responsible for the interior design of the Mission E.

A video detailing the design of the Mission E can be viewed below.

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