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Palm releases webOS 1.4.5 update for SFR and Sprint, others to follow soon?

Updated 4 years ago

Reports are circulating that Palm is releasing webOS 1.4.5 for its Pre and Pixi handsets. The update is reportedly being pushed out to handsets worldwide including those on Sprint and the French carrier SFR. The update addresses several security flaws, fixes an error when downloading podcasts, improves text entry in web page text fields, and provides support for webOS PDK. Palm’s website is a bit confused on the update with the SFR update appearing on the support page for Sprint. Thankfully, most webOS owners will receive the update over-the-air and have the proper version delivered to their handsets. Verizon Wireless and AT&T customers will have to wait for webOS 1.4.5 as the two American carriers are apparently not included in the first wave of updates. Any webOS owners not on Big Red or Ma Bell have webOS 1.4.5 delivered to their handsets yet?

[Via Mobile Crunch and Phone News]