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Pixi News

Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein leaves HP

Jon Rubinstein, the former CEO of Palm, has left HP. AllThingsD broke the news Friday afternoon, noting that Rubinstein had served his promised 12-24 month tenure with the company before leaving. “Jon has fulfilled >>

webOS 2.0 showing up in application logs?

Here is a fresh webOS 2.0 rumor for you. Developer Zhephree is the author of a Foursquare application for Palm’s beleaguered mobile operating system, webOS. Recently, while checking the logs of his Foursquare application, he noticed an entry >>

Palm Pixi Plus on sale from AT&T

It’s no secret that carriers like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon have no little faith they’ll be able to snap up a slew of new subs with webOS handsets, but that isn’t stopping them from >>

AT&T's Palm Pixi Plus gets unboxed, fondled

We have a hard time imaging that AT&T’s Pixi Plus will be met with as much fanfare as its Sprint, or even Verizon, counterparts (yes, we are being cheeky). However, in the event >>

Sprint drops the Palm Pixi to $0

It’s not exactly the biggest shocker, but Sprint has lowered the contract price of the Palm Pixi to $0. To get this deal you’ll need to order the phone online as the extra >>

Rumor: Palm considering ditching Rubinstein

Take this with the usual grain of salt, but according to TechCrunch’s sources, Palm is about to undergo a huge shake-up and CEO John Rubinstein might just get the axe. Rubinstein became the >>