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New Sprint plans coming next week

Just in time for the arrival of the Samsung Instinct, Sprint is preparing to unleash a new set of plans on an unsuspecting public. Starting June 15th, the carrier will be making a number of significant changes. The full rundown is detailed below, but expect new single-user lines starting at $39 for 450 minutes, no more free incoming plans, and the end of separate pricing structures for Sprint and Nextel handsets. The ever-exploitable SERO plan remains ripe for the picking, but will sadly not be compatible with the upcoming Instinct. Check out the full list of changes:

  • There will no longer be separate CDMA (Sprint) and iDen (Nextel) plans
  • Power Pack and Free Incoming plans are gonzo
  • Users can mix and match CDMA and iDen on the same plans (before you had to have separate accounts)
  • Single user lines start at 450 or 900 min for $39 and $59 respectively
  • Talk/Message/Connect gives unlimited messaging and Direct Connect (Walkie Talkie) but no data – $49.99 for 450 minutes, $69.99 for 900 minute or $89.99 for unlimited.
  • Everything Plans (include messaging and data) – $69 for 450 minutes, $89 for 900 minutes or $99 for unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited plans include navigation, TV and Direct Connect
  • Smartphone MUST be activated on a talk plan with a Vision Pro pack ($30) – or on an Everything plan
  • Share plans (aka Talk Share) start at $69.99 for two lines with 700 minutes – add a phone is $9.99 per to a max of 5 total phones on the line
  • The Talk/Message Share plans run $99.99 and $149.99 for 1500 and 3000 minutes and unlimited messaging, additional lines are also $9.99. Finally, the Talk/Message/Data Share plans run $129.99 or $169.99 for 1500 and 3000 minutes, unlimited messaging and data. Besides browsing, these plans include Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV and Sprint Radio. Additional lines can be added for $19.99 apiece.


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