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blindness study

Researchers use genetics to help blind man see again

May 25th, 2021

Modern medicine has brought hope to and improved the quality of life of countless people around the globe, but some areas of medical research move more slowly than others. Restoring vision in individuals that have lost it is one area of study that is both extremely complicated and challenging. Sight can be lost for many …

science news

Scientists stuck 3D glasses on cuttlefish and made them watch movies

January 9th, 2020

Cuttlefish, the cute, often tiny cousins of squid and octopi, are highly skilled hunters. They are great at judging distance, striking out with their tentacles and snatching prey with ease. Scientists hoping to learn more about how cuttlefish see the world came up with a rather interesting test, and it involves slapping a pint-sized pair …

nanoparticle eyedrops

Nanoparticle eyedrops could eliminate the need for glasses

March 9th, 2018

Getting glasses is something of a bittersweet life event. You can now see much better than you previously could, but keeping glasses clean and protecting them at all costs is definitely a bit of a pain. Contacts solved that problem to a degree, but not everyone can wear them and they can have some convenience …

Sprint to sunset iDEN network in 2013, moving all push-to-talk services to CDMA

March 16th, 2011

In a press release today, Sprint announced the successor for its push-to-talk (PTT) iDEN network, Sprint Direct Connect. Running on the company’s nationwide CDMA network, Direct Connect will offer users a larger coverage footprint, improved in-building coverage, and increased voice and data capacity. The new protocol will also add several new features, including 200 participant …

HTC hosting media event September 15th in London

August 13th, 2010

HTC is circulating the above invite to members of the press taunting them to visit London on September 15th to see exactly what they’ve “dreamt up.” We’re secretly hoping that this will be the unveiling of the company’s first Windows Phone 7 handheld, but we have a feeling that it may be a little early …

Mystery T-Mobile HSPA+ handset is the Vanguard/G1 Blaze?

July 28th, 2010

T-Mobile launched a teaser web page for a mystery HSPA+ handset yesterday, but conveniently failed to remove some clues that point to the identity of the handset. A quick scan of the source code for the webpage reveals references to the Vanguard, an alternative name for the G1 Blaze which is also known as the …

HTC Vision, full-QWERTY Android device, pictured

July 5th, 2010

Croatian blog has an image of what appears to be the HTC Vision; possibly one of HTC’s first high-end, full-QWERTY Android offerings. Details on the device are unconfirmed and extremely scarce, however sources indicate that the device has a 3.7″ touch-screen, 1 GHz processor and Android 2.1. From the image we can see a …

HTC Vision rumored to be a Desire with QWERTY keypad

May 21st, 2010

Here’s a great rumor to think about as we head into the weekend. Tweakers is reporting that the HTC Vision, a rumored Android smartphone we first learned about from Engadget, is in fact a variant of the Desire complete with a sliding QWERTY keypad. This information comes straight from the phone’s UAProfile, which is said …