I could have made a list of all the reasons why I would never personally own a motorcycle and carry the list around in case anyone ever asked, but now I can just point to this terrifying video instead.

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This week, an anonymous motorcyclist shared the first-person footage that he captured when a car ran a red light and crashed directly into the side of his vehicle. The motorcycle was immediately destroyed, but spectacular, the rider was flipped through the air and landed on his feet, sustaining only minor injuries.

“This happened to me on 1/28/2015 as I left my parking garage to head home from work,” he writes. “I had just turned my helmet camera on (Contour ROAM) which is the starting point of this video. Cager clearly blows his red light and hits me in the intersection. My heavily customized 2011 Daytona 675 is destroyed in an instant but I manage to land on my feet. ATGAT saved me from severe injuries as I walked away with only bumps and bruises.”

The most important takeaway from this death-defying accident is not how incredible it is that the rider was able to stick the landing, but that his gear kept him from being seriously injured and gave him the opportunity to come out without broken limbs.. or worse.

And drivers: Maybe next time you think you can make that yellow light at a crowded intersection, you’ll think again and wait for the next cycle.

Watch the full, eye-widening video below:

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