Following the success of Daredevil earlier this year, Marvel fans are desperate for more information on the rest of the Netflix series set to launch in the coming months. We know that Jessica Jones will hit the streaming service before the end of the year, but on Wednesday, we got a sneak peek at the third Marvel series coming to Netflix, courtesy of Heroic Hollywood.

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According to Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez, production for Luke Cage will begin next week, and Willis Stryker a.k.a. Diamondback will be the main villain of the show. Interestingly, Diamondback was also set to go up against Luke Cage in an unproduced script for a movie starring the thick-skinned hero in 2004.

Reva Conners, a friend of both Cage and Stryker, will reportedly be the primary love interest. She is what causes a rift between Cage and Stryker in the first place, resulting in Cage being framed for a crime he didn’t commit.

As for the story of the first season, here’s the synopsis Heroic Hollywood was able to dig up:

“Luke Cage is a former gang member who is framed for a crime. In prison, he volunteers for a medical experiment that goes awry, giving him super strength and bulletproof skin. Using his newfound powers, Cage escapes and becomes a hero for hire. His archenemy is Willy Stryker, a former childhood friend from Harlem. The two committed petty crimes together, and both fell for the same woman, Reva Connors, which led to their eventual falling out. It was Stryker who framed Cage for a drug deal that sent him to prison.”

Production begins in September and is set to finish before the end of the year. All 13 episodes of the first season of Luke Cage will premiere on Netflix in 2016.

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