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Live from T-Mobile’s CES 2011 keynote!

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 6:59PM EST

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With Verizon’s CES keynote in the books it’s time to move on to the next one… T-Mobile. The nation’s forth largest carrier is expected to focus on its 4G network, technology, and hardare. Hit the jump to follow along!

2:10 PM: T-mobile CEO and President Philipp Humm is talking about 4G lineup expansion.

2:12 PM: Announcing 23 4G devices by the end of 2010, including tablets and phones.

2:17 PM: T-Mobile has the largest 4G footprint in America. Fastest data in top 100 markets.

2:18 PM: 300 % increase in video usage in the past year.

2:19 PM: CTO Neville Ray has taken the stage.

2:19 PM: Clarifying “4G” language: 4G means great radio and great backbone.

2:19 PM: 100 major 4G markets, which is 160% bigger than Verizon’s LTE footprint.

2:20 PM: 40% more coverage than Sprint/Clear LTE.

2:20 PM: T-Mobile has very large and comprehensive 4G mobile footprint.

2:21 PM: “The competition will play catch up as we continue to move forward and raise the bar.”

2:22 PM: “HSPA+ growth over the next 5 years is expected to hit 2.5 billion subscribers vs. 500 million for LTE.”

2:23 PM: T-Mobile will do LTE when the “technology is mature.”

2:24 PM: HSPA+ is better than LTE because of its increased spectral efficiency and improved throughput.

2:24 PM: 21mbps today, expecting to hit 672 mbps by the end of the next decade; 42mbps confirmed by 2011

2:25 PM: T-Mobile is officially announcing 42 mbps HSPA+ today (we’re seeing a HSPA+ 21Mbps demo).

2:28 PM: T-Mobile is noting that they’ve tested their 4G technology on a loaded network, unlike Verizon.

2:28 PM: Verizon is at exactly 10Mbps and Wimax is at 4mbps average throughput; on T-Moible’s HSPA+ is getting just under 10Mbps, again… on a full network.

2:30 PM: Seeing demo with 42Mbps HSPA+ laptop data stick. Getting speeds of around 30Mbps. Fire.

2:31 PM: T-Mo seems to be having a little trouble with its demo. Speeds start around 30Mbps but fluctuate up and down… on a full network?

2:33 PM: We’re seeing a game demo.

2:33 PM: The gaming demo is designed to show improved network latency and is actually going smoothly.

2:34 PM: Demo over *crowd lightly applauds*

2:37 PM: 3 Main points: HSPA+ benefits both new devices and legacy devices

2:37 PM: “42 improves legacy experience”; There will be no premium 4G pricing; 2011 42 MBps footprint: launching for 140 million subscribers… 2/3rds of total existing HSPA footprint

2:38 PM: CMO Cole Brodman is taking the stage.

2:39 PM: Launching 25 4G devices this year and we expect tablets to explode in 2011.

2:40 PM: T-Mobile will be the place where consumers come for tablets because of “the need for speed.”

2:41 PM: John Thode, VP of Dell Mobility is up now. Dell Streak 7 anyone?

2:42 PM: Dell thinks about the Streak 7 as the ultimate experience in social neworking and entertainment.

2:42 PM: “Value priced and perfect for students” (no mention of price yet).

2:43 PM: Motto for the streak is “collect, consume, and share.”

2:43 PM: Will weigh under 1lb. NVIDIA dual-core processor, HSPA+

2:45 PM: widget based interface to facilitate intuitive use, based on Dell Stage UI

2:45 PM: “Wi-Fi sharing for up to 5 devices.”

2:46 PM: Available in the “coming weeks”.

2:47 PM: Wow, that’s it… well… I guess we’re out of here. Make sure to keep it locked here on BGR for all the latest CES goodness.

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