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Lifehack: A Simple Way to See If Your Eggs Have Gone Bad

Lifehack: Egg Water Test

So, you’re not sure whether the eggs you have in the fridge, which may or may not have passed their expiration date, are still OK to eat. What do you do? Well, there’s a very simple lifehack you should remember because it will always help to ensure you’re safe.

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All you need is a large bowl filled with cold water to test whether your eggs can still be consumed. Simply place all the eggs you want to test out in the bowl and see what happens.

The eggs that are still good will stay on the bottom of the bowl. The ones that have gone bad will always float and should be thrown out immediately. The reason they float is that over time, air builds up inside the shells because they are porous. So the longer it’s stored, the more air it’ll absorb.

The following image is all you need to remember this simple lifehack and test all the eggs you’re not sure about.

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