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This is the craziest and most dangerous iPhone 6 drop test yet

iPhone 6 Plus Video Skydiving Drop Test

iPhone 6 models can survive various accidental drops, as recent unofficial test videos have proven, though the handsets were dropped from a height of about 4 feet in those cases. YouTube channel Rated RR – which performed other extreme iPhone 6 Plus torture tests in the previous days, including blending the device, dunking it in liquid nitrogen, shooting 50-caliber rounds at it or dropping thermite on it – decided to perform the ultimate test: dropping the iPhone 6 Plus phablet from more than 7,000 feet.

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In its “iPhone 6 Plus Wingsuit Drop” video, Rated RR reveals that the handset managed to survive the drop, at least when it comes to functionality, although the display was completely shattered. Rated RR used the phone’s Find My iPhone app to retrieve the device, although the iPhone 6 Plus also had on the back a GPS tracker, which could have been used in case the handset stopped working following the fall.

As always with these crazy tests, don’t try this yourself, especially because it can be pretty dangerous for others – what if that iPhone 6 Plus dropping from the sky hit somebody on its way down, even in areas expected to be deserted? But you can check the full video of this crazy iPhone 6 Plus drop test below.

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