Having trouble waking up in the morning? There are countless alarm apps that will make sure you wake up on time for work… provided, of course, that you don’t keep hitting snooze and then dozing off again. There is, however, an alternative: A High Voltage Ejector Bed that was created by YouTube inventor Colin Furze and that is essentially an alarm you’ll never have the chance to snooze.

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The bed has an alarm of its own and it comes with various intensity settings that can be adjusted depending on your sleeping needs. But the feature that makes the bed the ultimate wake up alarm is the air compressed ejecting system that will literally launch you out of bed.

On its lowest setting, the bed will slowly raise itself in the air and slide you gently to the floor. The higher the setting, the farther the bed will eject you through the bedroom, and you’ll surely wake up kicking and screaming after that — that is, if you survive the fall without breaking any bones in your body.

The hilarious High Voltage Ejector Bed video follows below.

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