Google over the past few years has been hard at work developing all sorts of cool and futuristic self-driving car technologies. With an extensive array of sensors, Google’s autonomous cars are designed to safely navigate through city streets with ease. From changing lanes to avoiding pedestrians at a moment’s notice, Google’s self-driving cars are intriguing and certainly give us a glimpse into what the future of driving may look like. To date, Google’s collection of futuristic cars, which include modified Lexus SUVs, have accumulated more than 1.7 million miles on the road.

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Over the weekend, someone posted a hilarious (and yes, photoshopped) photo to Reddit showcasing a Google self-driving car with some pimped out rims. We’re not sure how much these cost, but these bad boys are undoubtedly 100% chrome. Check it out below.

Yes, it’s fake, but there are so many jokes to be had with this photo. One can only hope that this Chrome’d out Lexus doesn’t crash two minutes after hitting the road.

All kidding aside, we’re still many years away from a world where we can just hop in a car, type in a destination, and then relax as the car does all the work. In addition to traversing through a myriad of governmental regulations, autonomous driving technology is still relatively new and needs a whole lot of refinement before it becomes part of our everyday living. To wit, a report earlier in the week relayed how fixed-gear bikes can confuse Google’s self-driving cars.

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