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‘The Walking Dead’ recap: When did our favorite characters get so stupid?

Walking Dead Episode 615 Review

The sixth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead is almost over. Episode 15 aired a few hours ago and it made us question everything we thought we knew about the Alexandria gang. Oh, and there’s a great cliffhanger for the 90-minute season finale, the second “Jon Snow moment” of the season.

Beware, spoilers follow below!

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You’d think that after all these years surviving in this post-apocalyptic world, Rick & Co. would be pretty good at making brutally hard decisions. But episode 15th shows us that’s not really the case, and cold-blooded judgment is not always at hand.

In fact, we can’t help but wonder why so many characters decided to act so stupidly in this episode.

We already have Carol hitting rock bottom, at least emotionally. She departs the walled city in the middle of the night, as she decided that she no longer wants to kill people anymore. But soon after she leaves, she meets a group of five Saviors who seem to outgun her. She starts crying almost immediately, a sign the five men see as weakness.

But she doesn’t cry out of fear. She cries because she knows she will kill them all, and she does so, leaving four dead bodies behind her and a wounded man who’s going to chase her. Wouldn’t it have been better for Carol to just stick around in Alexandria, considering that she started killing people as soon as she walked off the premises?

Daryl, who I thought will storm off chasing Carol, has really no idea what’s happened. Instead, he goes away without alerting anyone about his intentions on some wild goose chase. He wants to kill Dwight, who shot Denise the previous episode.

Then there’s Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, and Rosita. They all see Daryl leave and decide to follow him immediately, without actually coordinating a plan with Rick and everyone else. You know, just in case Negan’s people decided to strike back at the moment they left.

If that’s not enough, we have Rick and Morgan leaving Alexandria as well, looking to find Carol.

All in all, we have eight able-bodied men and women who would undoubtedly be part of the main line of defense of Alexandria and who leave the walled city without talking to each other and without knowing who else is out there and what they’re chasing.

In other words, everyone’s putting themselves in harm’s way without having to do it, especially considering that everyone’s on high alert regarding Negan’s Saviors. Meanwhile, the people left in Alexandria have no idea how grave the situation really is.

By the end of the episode, only Rick is on his way back to the town.

Which brings us to the season’s second “Jon Snow moment.” Four members of the Alexandria group – Daryl, Rosita, Glenn and Michonne – are captured by Dwight and his men. During this encounter, Dwight takes aim at Daryl, firing a round from his pistol. It’s unlikely Daryl died in episode 15, but we have no idea what happened.

We already know that episode 16 will bring us Negan, and we might see some members of the Alexandria group get killed. We might even have casualties from the core group of characters that we’ve grown to love over the years. Let’s just hope they’ll all be a lot smarter come episode 16, and season 7.

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