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‘The Walking Dead’ episode 7: A heart-pounding answer to ‘the Glenn question’

Published Nov 23rd, 2015 8:57AM EST
The Walking Dead Episode 7 Glenn Alive
Image: Vanity Fair

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The seventh episode of The Walking Dead season 6 aired last night, and it had an interesting overall theme: people need saving. Unexpectedly, the episode brought the answer we’ve all been waiting for: is Glenn dead? That’s the question we’ve pondered since the season’s third episode – the series’ “Jon Snow” moment – and we’re about to spoil it for you if you haven’t already seen the episode. Unless you’ve completely stayed away from Facebook, Twitter and just about every other site on the web though, it’s probably already been spoiled.

Here’s your final warning: Spoilers follow below.

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Last time we saw Glenn, he and Nicholas were standing atop a dumpster, surrounded by walkers, and there appeared to be no way out. Nicholas lost his nerve and killed himself with the gun he was carrying. He then fell to the ground, taking Glenn with him. It wasn’t clear at the time whether the zombie pack started feeding off Glenn as well, or just Nicholas. But episode 7 continues the action from that very moment.

Just as we had all hoped, Nicholas’ body shielded Glenn from walkers. He’s able to crawl under the dumpster, and even kill off a few of the zombies that reach for him. He’s then forced to hide and wait for the small herd of walkers to disperse. As soon as that happens, Glenn gets out from his hiding place and gathers his belongings, realizing that the flare gun he should have used to signal home had been destroyed.

It’s at this point in the episode that Glenn reunites with Enid, the teenage girl who likes to get out of Alexandria every once in a while. She passes him a bottle of water, and in the ensuing chat Glenn finds out the quiet neighborhood was overrun by people as he and the others were trying to lead the zombies away from the city. Glenn seems to be determined to save Enid – proving in a way he has what it takes to become a dad.

Back in Alexandria, the community is still picking itself up following the tumultuous events of the last few days.

Rick, Carol and Michonne ask Morgan why he allowed the Wolves to escape the city alive following their defeated attack. This ended up being the group of people that ambushed Rick’s RV, destroying the car he would have used to lead walkers away from the area. The former sheriff shot them (as you might remember from a previous episode) telling Morgan what happened and asking him whether or not he let those men escape.

Morgan, meanwhile, says that killing is wrong and that he believes people can change, just as he did. “I knew I could end it, but I also know people can change, because everyone sitting here has.”

In fact, he still has a Wolves gang member locked away in a house, and he’s looking to patch the young man’s wounds with the help of the local doctor, who’s willing to help out with this secret task. Carol, who apparently sees everything in Alexandria, follows them and quickly learns that Morgan has someone locked in a house, though we’ll have to wait for at least one more episode to see how everyone reacts to news that a Wolves member is alive and well inside one of the houses.

It’s then Tara’s turn to save someone. She sees Spencer trying to go over the fence using a wire, but it’s soon clear the wire won’t hold. When it finally gives in, it’s Tara who opens fire at the zombies, with Rick, Tobin and Morgan lifting Spencer back up and into safety.

All through the episode, we’re given clear clues that something bad is about to happen. It’s not zombies, and it’s not people who pose a significant threat to the community. This time around it’s an old church that tumbles down on a side of the wall – the irony is that father Gabriel was trying to set up a prayer group in the camp before it fell.

That happens right at the end of the episode, setting the stage for chapter eight, which will be the last episode AMC will air this year. The community, now surrounded by walkers, will have to survive this unfortunate event somehow. The hole in the wall will not go unnoticed, and there’re plenty of things to address in the upcoming episode, including potential incidents between the townspeople.

The good news is that everyone knows Glenn is probably alive. Rather than a flare gun, Glenn and Enid release some balloons into the sky, which are seen by everyone inside Alexandria just before the church tower crashes down on a section of the wall. Maggie is now confident that Glenn is alive and well, but this abrupt ending quickly ruins the excitement. We have no idea what happens after the church’s tower falls, but everyone in the vicinity is scrambling to save themselves, and Alexandria. The good news is that people seem convinced now more than ever that sticking together, and trusting other members of the group including the new ones, is the only way they’ll survive.

Finally, we still have no idea who was asking for help over the radio, or whether it’s somehow connected with the wall’s collapse.

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