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Walking Dead season finale trailer finally gives us a glimpse at this year’s villain

Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Trailer

Zombies aren’t the worst thing that can kill you in The Walking Dead. In fact, our fellow humans represent the more lethal danger. We end up labeling good guys and bad guys in the TV show because we root for Rick and Co., who appear to be the better representatives of our species in this post-apocalyptic world. But in the end, everyone’s evil to a certain extent.

That said, with two episodes left in season 6 of the popular AMC show, the trailer for the season finale has leaked and it reveals the villain we’ve been waiting for. Beware, fans, spoilers may follow below.

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The Alexandria people have already had their fair share of dealings with Negan’s crew. Rick’s plan to attack them may have worked out a few episodes ago, but that doesn’t mean Negan’s Saviors are defeated for good.

In this leaked trailer, which was shown in the Netherlands, we get to see Rick, Abraham, Carl, Aaron, and Eugene coming out of the RV to make a deal with a group of Saviors. But that group apparently hates to negotiate. Soon after that, Negan makes an appearance and he’d brought his baseball bat with him. We don’t get to see Negan’s face just yet though we know who’s playing him: Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

You may have noticed that certain characters seem to be missing in this leaked trailer. Carol, Daryl, Michone, Rosita and Glenn might be busy with other dangerous activities in episode 15, which might be why they’re not inside that RV – so here’s a teaser trailer for this week’s episode below.

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