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7 of the best videos from The Division’s open beta this weekend

Published Feb 22nd, 2016 2:24PM EST
The Division Open Beta Video Highlights
Image: Ubisoft

It’s Monday, which means The Division open beta has come to a close. Thousands of PS4, Xbox One and PC gamers had a chance to either jump back into disease-ridden New York City or visit it for the very first time, and although there were only a few new additions from the closed beta, there were still plenty of highlights caught on video.

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Ubisoft actually shared a few of its favorite videos on The Division’s website, so we’ve combined those with a few we found ourselves to make a top 7 list that should hopefully keep you entertained until the game launches next month:

My personal favorite of the videos Ubisoft chose, this is prime example of how entertaining the Dark Zone can be. Yes, a gang of rogue agents annihilated this player and stole his gear, but rather than rage quit, he decided to have his revenge.

Along the same lines as the video above, this player warned a group of kids that they wouldn’t survive if they shot him. They didn’t listen to him, and next thing you know, the tables have turned and they’re all bleeding out.

Not every video has to be a violent massacre. In this 4K, 60FPS clip, one player has decided to take in the sights of The Division’s version of New York. It’s a bit dirty, but surprisingly beautiful in its own way as well.

Aside from the new story mission, Ubisoft also added some new high end weapons in the open beta for dedicated Dark Zone players. If you wanted to gain access to these weapons you would have needed to spend hours and hours farming for experience and DZ funds, but thankfully, Arekkz did the dirty work so we wouldn’t have to.

The Dark Zone isn’t all PvP. In the video above, you can see a team of two players fighting one of the several minibosses scattered throughout the Dark Zone, and this one just happens to be equipped with a flamethrower.

Although seeking revenge on rogue players is always fun to see, this video should give you a better idea of what it’s actually like to go rogue in the Dark Zone.

Finally, a full walkthrough of both story missions (as well as a few side missions) in the open beta from yours truly. These are two of the first set of missions you’ll be playing through when the game comes out on March 8th.

Have any highlights of your own? Feel free to link them in the comments below.

Jacob Siegal
Jacob Siegal Associate Editor

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