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Suicide Squad opens to record August box office, but bad reviews might have the last laugh

Suicide Squad Bad Reviews Box Office

Remember when Batman v Superman was ridiculed in reviews, yet the movie’s opening weekend was a stellar hit for the studio? The same thing can be said for Warner’s second DC Comics movie, the highly anticipated Suicide Squad, a film that also fell victim to reviewers. Suicide Squad topped $135 million at the US box office over the weekend, with international earnings almost reaching $270 million. But the bad reviews might still cripple its potential bottom line.

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According to Mashable, Suicide Squad’s $135.1 million take at the US box office was the highest ever opening in August, topping Guardians of the Galaxy which made $94.3 million in the first weekend.

Suicide Squad came in third place overall, surging past Deadpool’s $132 million opening weekend. Comparatively, Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made $180 million and $166 million, respectively, in their first US weekends.

But the numbers do not pay a pleasant picture for Warner, as interest for the movie might be dropping considerably faster than expected.

The movie made $65.1 million on Friday, while Saturday’s total dropped by 41%, to $38.4 million. Sunday’s estimate predicted a 19% drop to $31.2 million.

The movie will rake in millions of dollars for Warner; that’s a given. But the interest in the movie is declining faster than anticipated. The film’s Friday-to-Saturday drop was steeper than Batman v Superman’s 38% drop in March and matched The Dark Knight Rises’ drop.

Suicide Squad saw some competition from Jason Bourne and Bad Moms, both of them having opened up a week before the Warner’s DC Comics villains movie.

That said, the only review you might need to read is this one, from one of Deadpool’s creators. Also, this inside story explains how Warner ruined its movie out of fear it’ll receive bad reviews.

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