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There’s a brand new Star Wars Rogue One trailer you need to see

Star Wars Rogue One Trailer Spoilers

In about a month, the next Star Wars movie will hit theaters. It won’t be the Episode VIII we crave, but Rogue One still tells the compelling story of how a few daring rebels stole the plans of the Death Star. Today, there’s a new international trailer for the upcoming Disney flick, complete with new footage, and quite possibly some spoilers.

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The action takes place between Episode III and Episode IV, and is meant to bridge together the old saga and the new one. Darth Vader is at the height of its power in Rogue One, and Luke and Leia are still children.

Jedi Knights won’t play a big role in this one, but the Force will be present. In fact, Gizmodo speculates that the Death Star itself is powered by kyber crystals, which are usually used to build lightsabers.

The main hero of the story, Jyn, also happen to wear a special kind of crystal around her neck, received from her mother. Her father is the person who built the technology that powers the Death Star, which is probably why she’s chosen to lead the Rogue One expedition to retrieve the plans of the terrible weapon.

Yes, there’s going to be Darth Vader in this one, and amazing fighting scenes. And we’re going to see the Death Star being tested for the first time — at least that’s what the new trailer tells us. December 16th can’t get here soon enough — here’s the new trailer:

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