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Star Wars Episode VIII’s title is simply brilliant trolling

Star Wars Episode VIII Title The Last Jedi

Disney pleasantly surprised Star Wars fans by revealing the official title of Episode VIII on Monday: The Last Jedi. With 11 months to go until the movie launches, that title practically ensures that people will be debating what it must mean. Forget about who Rey’s parents are. We want to know what this “last Jedi” thing means. That’s just brilliant trolling from Disney.

There are various interpretations for the title already.

For example, Luke might be rightly perceived as the last Jedi. Yoda told him so. But that’s before he recruited others whom he wanted to train. That essentially meant he wasn’t the last Jedi any longer. Both Rey and Kylo Ren — or at least Kylo Ren — were his disciples.

Some of those Jedi-in-training died, some took to the Dark Side, and some were left on a deserted planet.

Technically, Luke is still the last Jedi, but he’s probably training Rey after their meeting. She’s very strong with the Force, just as he was. Plus, recent spoilers told us that she’s going to train with him.

So the last Jedi might refer to Luke and Rey after she receives her Jedi degree. Jedi, after all, is used for both singular and plural.

But what if Luke dies in Episode VIII? That would make Rey the last Jedi, wouldn’t it? Apparently, plenty of people saw the title as an indication that Luke dies. Even if that’s the case, it’s not a bad thing. In fact, Jedi deaths are somewhat of a recurrent theme in Star Wars. And it’s all but expected considering what kind of life they tend to live.

What if the movie is actually about Kylo Ren somehow? Maybe he completed his training before turning to the Dark Side? Such an interpretation also makes sense. Even in such a case, we’d have at least three Jedi on the set, including Luke, Rey, and Kylo Ren. Each of them would have different Jedi proficiency levels, but together they’d be the last Jedi.

Some believe that Finn might be Force-friendly too. What if he is the last Jedi?

Let’s not forget that gifted people who feel the Force are born every day. Even if the Jedi all but disappear in the following episodes, there will come a time when someone will just wake up one day realizing he or she has special powers and a great heart. Surely such a person would come up with a marketing term for themselves, and the Jedi order would be reborn.

Regardless of what your interpretation of The Last Jedi might be, one thing is certain, Disney found a great title for Episode VIIICNET has a great collection of additional Twitter reactions for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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