The eighth episode of the Star Wars saga is just over one year away and principal photography for the movie has concluded, but there’s still plenty of work left for the film, including shooting some of the characters. Yes, Maz Kanata has yet to make her appearance, as Lupita N’yongo has not shot her stop motion photography — and that’s not necessarily a spoiler. However, there is one fresh Episode VIII spoiler you should be aware of, mainly because it doesn’t spoil the actual plot: We’re going to see more Leia in this one.

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The revelation comes from the New York Comic Con Instagram account that said Carrie Fisher would be filming for Star Wars, and that’s why she’s only attending NYCC on Sunday.

We're sorry to announce that due to #StarWars production, Carrie Fisher will only be at #NYCC on Sunday.

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Star Wars fans obviously love Leia, and the princess didn’t have that much screen time in The Force Awakens in the first place. That might change in Episode VIII, especially given that Han Solo is dead, her son is a terrifying villain, and her brother is still missing in action.

Before we get our hopes up, we should also keep in mind that Fisher might be simply reshooting for Star Wars. Don’t freak out if that’s indeed the case. Reshoots happen.

Either way, this spoiler doesn’t spill the beans on anything that happens in the next Star Wars episode. We still have no idea why Luke left, who Rey’s parents are, or why Kylo Ren is such a huge pain in the ass. We’re just going to have to get back to waiting!

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